The mission of Cumberland County Rescue Squad is to save lives and serve our citizens and the surrounding regions through advanced rescue operations, emergency support, and community safety.

The Cumberland County Rescue Squad is a 501(c)(3) non-profit ran entirely by volunteers. The squad receives its funding for day to day operations and expenses from public donations, The City of Crossville, Cumberland County, and The United Fund. All money donated to the rescue squad is invested towards training & equipment so the rescue squad is mission ready at all times 24/7/365.

It is our goal as a 100% volunteer organization to provide search and rescue services free of charge to anyone who needs us. We believe those in need of rescue services should not be afraid to call us for help due to a fear of bills. Early calls often make rescues safer for patients and our members, and in many cases, easier to execute.

In addition to emergency response & technical rescue operations, the squad serves the community by providing safety and first aid support to functions and events that have a high potential for injuries. Community functions such as distance races, Christmas Parade, Home Shows, Trunk-or-Treat and many others.

The rescue squad is such a blessing to our community. What a great group of volunteers who are ready to show up and help in the hour of need.


Im glad im a member of the Cumberland County Rescue Squad. I love helping others when i can